Is a Garden Wedding Reception Venue in Richmond Right for You?

Everything these days in a wedding is optional. Don’t want to wear shoes? Ditch them. Think a suit is too stuffy? Wear shorts. Don’t want a traditional wedding cake? Opt for a sculpture of fresh fruit instead. The only thing you can’t do without is a place to say your I do’s.

When it comes to choosing a venue in Richmond, you have plenty of options, so make sure you’re choosing the place best for you. If you’re thinking of booking a garden wedding venue in Richmond, Hawkesbury Function Centre might be what you’re need. Follow these tips to find out, and you won’t be disappointed.

Pick a Place that Matches Your Vision

Every bride has an idea of what they want their wedding day to be. Whether it’s a classic and elegant wedding venue in Richmond or a rustic and down home reception, a bride wants what she wants. Hawkesbury Function Centre understands this. We have wedding planners included in your package to help bring your vision to reality. For anyone wanting an understated natural elegance, we have the Blue Mountains as a stunning backdrop for your ceremony in our garden gazebo. We can also decorate our reception centre according to your chosen theme so you feel connected to the space and your wedding reception harmonizes with your style.

Estimate, Don’t Guess-timate

It’s easy to underestimate how many guests will be attending your ceremony and reception. A bride and groom have their own lists of those they want invited, and then parents usually weigh in and add to the lists by insisting you invite your third cousin twice removed that you met once at a picnic ten years ago. Talk to each other and then to your parents early in the planning process so you know what kind of a number you’re looking at and everyone is willing to stick to it. At Hawkesbury Function Centre we have packages that accommodate 70 people and up.

Consider What’s Included

Don’t get thrown off track by the lower pricing of items listed separately. Pay attention to what you want for your big day, and make sure everything on the list is accounted for when considering pricing. Often wedding venues list packages, and a couple thinks table rentals and chair rentals would of course be included. That is not always the case. Ask the simple questions that seem like they’re a no-brainer. Are chairs included with the garden? What about linens and table service? At Hawkesbury Function Centre, our packages are clearly detailed, listing everything included and we can work with you on other details you might want added.

Choose the Right Wedding Venue in Richmond

When choosing your wedding reception venue in Richmond, be sure it’s the perfect place. If you have any doubts, don’t book until you’re sure. We understand that choosing a venue is an important decision, and we want you to rest assured that our team works to make your wedding in Richmond exactly what you want it to be. Our packages and menus can be tailored to match your vision. Give us a call today and set up a viewing. We can’t wait to meet you.