Hawkesbury Function Centre Buffet Menu 2

Buffet Menu 2 - $43.00 pp
Selection Of Three Serves

Roast Beef w. Gravy or Steak Diane Sauce

Chicken Medallions Stuffed with Bacon & Cheese

Italian Pasta Bake

Roast Beef w. Red Wine Jus

Chicken Kiev

Roast Pork w. Apple sauce or Gravy

Creamy Cheese & Bacon Potato Bake

Roast Lamb w. Mint Jus




Choice Of Two Salads

Greek Style Salad w.Feta

Baby Potato w. Butter & Chives

Spicy Bow Tie Pasta Salad

Tomato Olive oil & Feta Pasta Salad

Creamy German Potato Salad

Classic Caesar Salad

Country Garden Salad

Steam Seasonal Vegetables

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables with Herbs & Garlic 




Choice Of Two Dessert

Caramel Mud cake drizzled with Butterscotch Sauce

French vanilla Cheesecake on Raspberry Coulis

Chocolate Mud cake w. Fresh Cream

Apple Berry Custard Danish w. Chocolate Sauce

Fruit Salad w. Custard


Tea & Coffee, Bread Rolls & Butter Portions and a Choice of White or Black Table Cloths.