How to Choose Garden Wedding and Reception Venues in Hawkesbury

Now that the proposal has taken place, it’s time to get down to business and you should start by booking a wedding venue in Hawkesbury that meets all your needs. You want to be able to say you found “the place” to hold your wedding, and be as confident in that decision as you are about saying I Do. When deciding where to have your wedding and reception, there are several things you should consider.

Is a Wedding Venue in Hawkesbury a Good Fit?

It’s a basic place to start, but one that many brides skip over because they just don’t think about it. Make sure the venue is the right size for the number of guests you’ll have. It’s easy to look at a reception room and think there’s plenty of space. However, chairs, tables, DJ’s, gift tables, and a dance floor will fill the room up quickly. Look at the space when it’s set up for another wedding or other function, or look at pictures of the room set up. At Hawkesbury Function Centre, we have a raised stage and a separate sunken dance floor with laser lighting effects. Because our space is already equipped with these, it’s easier to envision how your group fits in.

When considering a reception room, pay attention to the room layout. Are there columns that could obstruct views of the dance floor or the cake cutting? Is the room oddly shaped and of so, will it interrupt the flow of your party? Can you separate the room into sections where guests eat, drink, and dance or is it all thrown together? The last thing you want is for you and your guests to feel cramped.

Privacy Matters; or Does it?

If you’d like an outdoor garden wedding venue in Hawkesbury, think about how much privacy you will have. If you’re holding your wedding ceremony in a public park or garden, you may have bystanders who stop in to offer their congratulations or check out the party. You almost certainly will have strangers for onlookers, and who can resist taking a peek at a wedding in progress? If you’re comfortable with this, by all means, book a public venue. If you’re not, a private garden is likely the way to go. At Hawkesbury Events Centre, we have a lovely garden with wide open space around it that gives your wedding a serene, country feel without sacrificing your privacy.

Parking is a Deal Breaker

Be sure your chosen venue will have plenty of on-site parking or other options available to your guests. Nothing is worse than your guests showing up to your venue, only to find that they have to pay for parking or walk a long way in the heat to get to you. Hawkesbury Events Centre has onsite parking, and we offer a shuttle bus that will pick up and drop off at places like Penrith Station or Windsor Station and bring guests to Hawkesbury. Set up an appointment today to view our wedding reception venue in Hawkesbury. You’ll be glad you did.