How to Choose a Garden Wedding and Reception Venue in Blacktown

Right after the engagement, a couple begins planning for the wedding and they’ll be inundated with questions about where the wedding will be and when it will be held. These are generally questions that are addressed very early on in the planning process. Unlike your fairy tale romance, securing a venue should not be left up to fate. If you’re looking for a wedding reception venue in Blacktown, here are some tips to help get you started on choosing the right place.

Consider Logistics First

It’s easy to run to that awesome reception hall where a friend of a friend got married at last year because it was so beautiful, but don’t rush in to signing papers too quickly. Consider logistics like how many guests you’re planning on having, what month and time of day you’ll be holding your nuptials, and what kind

Nothing is worse than being crowded into a tiny venue that you thought would be big enough. Decide how large or small you want your wedding and reception to be, and you can cross many reception and wedding venues off the list without having to go look at them in person. Remember to ask how many people can legally be in a room, and how many people it fits comfortably. The two are very different things.

Keep in mind the month you’ll be hosting your wedding. Many venues have gorgeous pictures of spring and summertime weddings readily available because that’s when garden greenery and the grounds look their best. If you’re planning an autumn or winter wedding, ask to see pictures from those months. It’s important to get an accurate feel of how the venue will appear when you’ll be using it. Also, consider the weather. If your garden wedding venue in Blacktown suddenly experiences rain, can it be moved to someplace onsite where your guests won’t get wet?

Most wedding venues in Blacktown will be wheelchair accessible, but if you have guests with special needs it can never hurt to clarify. Also, can the venue accommodate those with dietary needs like gluten-free or vegetarian and vegan diets?

Visit the Wedding Venue in Blacktown at the Time Yours is Planned

It won’t always be possible to visit a venue in Blacktown during the same month in which you are planning on having your ceremony and reception, but you can and should be sure to visit at the same time your ceremony is planned for. Check for any specific lighting problems. Is the sun too blinding for a section of guests in the garden? Are there enough windows to allow natural light? Is it well-lit in the evening? Is there air conditioning?

Is the Venue Full Service?

Make sure you know if the venue is full service or not. Some brides like to be completely hands on, but it’s a lot of work and can be exhausting. Others opt for the delegation a full-service venue offers. At Hawkesbury Events Centre, we offer complete packages with catering and decorations included so you are free to relax and enjoy your day. Our packages can be tailored to fit your needs and the style of your wedding. Give us a call today to schedule a viewing and find out if we’re the right wedding venue in Blacktown for you.